Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Websites That Are Cancer #2: Youtube

Yeah, I went there. See, Youtube represents something incredibly good: Freedom and Liberty. The Freedom to say what you want, to make videos with going through producers and the possibility that anyone, even you, could actually make something that's seen by millions. And that's awesome.

The real question is: How many people
 are talented enough to make watching something they've made a good idea? I mean, there's almost seven billion people in the world, and the only guys who make consistently good stuff live in Hollywood. I mean, yes, giving the public a voice is great, but maybe the public shouldn't have a voice. For every gifted, passionate and devoted guy making awesome stuff, there's a couple of thousand guys uploading videos of cats doing nothing interesting, horrible song parodies of songs that are already parodies, and utterly dreadful rants at a webcam. Even worse, these guys who wouldn't know talent if it raped them, are popular. Look at the Most-Subscribed-Youtube-Man, Fred.

Actually, let's not. That guy is someone who yells into a webcam with that fucking spastic sped-up Chipmunks voice talking about inane shit, and guess what? He makes a TENS OF THOUSANS OF DOLLARS for doing so, and HAS A GODDAMN MOVIE DEAL! He is the opposite of talent, a fungus - he lives in the dark. damp and feeds on shit. And pretty much the top-100 guys are the same. Retarded is the word I would use to describe the whole thing. Fuck it all.

They also break Public Use. See, even if something has a copyright, it can still be used for some purposes, mainly parody, criticism and to prove a point etc. See, Youtube doesn't care about your rights. They've often removed videos even if they don't infringe copyrights. And recently, they let Fox News take down over 150 videos that portray them in a bad light. Like, say, Glenn Beck is seen eating a puppy, and filmed. Now, this isn't a huge surprise to anyone that he would do so, but it's still pretty horrid. Youtube is willing to remove that video, simply because people with money asked them to. Kind of shoves a boot up the whole point of giving people a voice, don't you think, Google?

In closing, Fuck Youtube.


  1. You're constantly misspelling YouTube... Also, YouTube isn't run by Google (if you're referring to that in your last sentence), it's only owned by them.

  2. The only good thing about the Fred movie is that it has a really hot blond in it. But you can watch her music videos instead.